Performance Squad

Development Squad

Development Squad members will usually be expected to train twice a week and will be invited to certain sessions. You will work alongside the squad and will need the same equipment as the squad such as a mat, resistance band and a roller. In addition, you will be expected to wear a leotard to training sessions. You will only attend competitions when invited. This is an exciting opportunity for any gymnast and is the first step towards competing for the club and being a performance squad member.

Performance Squad

squad requirements


Please enquire with the coaches regarding leotards and tracksuits, these are only available to full squad members. Please see the order sheet for sizing and prices.



Range and Conditioning

In order to qualify to Regional Team Finals, a range of conditioning routine must be performed, where you must meet the pass mark of 70%. This routine must be completed in the set order so you need to know it. Flexibility does not happen overnight or by practicing it once a week during your training session, so please PRACTICE AT HOME! The routine is next to each NDP trampoline routine earlier on in the document. Videos are available online using the links below, as well as the score sheet so you can see what the judges are looking for.


Competitions are currently suspended due to COVID19. We expect regional competitions to restart in 2022. Squad and Development Squad members will be invited to compete by the coaches.